Cholesterol for your face…wait, what?

One of my favorite products EVER recently made a very anticipated comeback on our website. It is literally like liquid is SOO good! Nothing phases me is a serum like my face has never known..well prior to us launching it. I simply cannot get enough of it! It's chock full of: Liquid charcoal-¬†cleans and … Continue reading Cholesterol for your face…wait, what?

Happy Valentine’s me!

It's Valentine's Day! That means chocolates, flowers and other goodies from those that love or even like you. I mean I'd show you the candy I got from the husband but I ate it before I could take a picture. Chocolate for breakfast on Valentine's day is perfectly acceptable right? But what about you. Are … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s me!


Oh man! Birthday month is the best over here at Perfectly Posh. We always have steals and deals up our sleeve leading up to our birthday. This year is no different. It will be our 7th birthday. We've saved the best for last. Check out my video below on the huge sale (I've never seen … Continue reading HUGE SALE!