Face Mask Frenzy

There you are. Standing in the self-care section of Target or Wal-Mart. You're staring down the facemasks on the end cap. They're super cheap, but which one do you use? Which one does your face scream "I NEED THIS MASK!!!" Shrugging your shoulders, you just randomly pick a few and throw them in the cart … Continue reading Face Mask Frenzy

It’s Posh’s Birthday Month!!

You know what my favorite thing about September is..it's Posh's birthday month. Our actual birthday is Oct 1, but we start the shenanigans a whole month early. We can get free goodies, exclusive goodies and just some good 'ole fun! This year is no exception. It's our 7th birthday and we have our very elusive … Continue reading It’s Posh’s Birthday Month!!