Cholesterol for your face…wait, what?

One of my favorite products EVER recently made a very anticipated comeback on our website. It is literally like liquid gold…it is SOO good!

Nothing phases me is a serum like my face has never known..well prior to us launching it. I simply cannot get enough of it!

It’s chock full of:

Liquid charcoal- cleans and clarifies clogged pores from the toxins and icky pollutants that hit in everyday out there in our environment

Cholesterol- supports collagen and elasticity. I can literally feel my face tighten up after this dries.’s anti-aging by not letting your face give in to gravity.

Sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid- help draw in moisture and keep it locked and load. They are FABULOUS! ( can also find these super compounds in our body cream Young Love)

Combine this serum with our Defiant Anti-aging serum and the Cann I Be cbd oil and you have a trifecta of face love that you won’t know how you lived without. Legit.

If you don’t like these, just send them to me..i’ll gladly take them all off your hands. No questions asked. But you will LOVE them.

Currently I’m sipping on Margaritas and all sorts of yummy drinks, all paid for by Posh. My themed Pamper Me subscription boxes are still up for grabs.

The sign ups go through Feb 20th so get yours today! There are several different money amounts you can get, even make your own $ amount box. I’m so excited to share a bit of Mexico with you all!! Sign up here for your March Box.

By the way…any purchases of  $50 or higher will get in a drawing for Mexican vanilla. I’ve heard it’s the bomb but have yet to get my  hands on it. Rest assured, if I don’t find it, I will have something equally amazing in it’s place to give away.

You can grab up your Nothing Phases Me at

Don’t forget! Buy 5 get the 6th one free!

Thank you for…being you!


psst… are you looking  for a little extra income? Or maybe you’re like me and just love product. Either way I can help. Feel free to talk to me about it more! I’m always looking for people who are interested in a side hustle, without interfering with what you already do..of course.



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