Face Mask Frenzy

There you are. Standing in the self-care section of Target or Wal-Mart. You’re staring down the facemasks on the end cap. They’re super cheap, but which one do you use? Which one does your face scream “I NEED THIS MASK!!!” Shrugging your shoulders, you just randomly pick a few and throw them in the cart (or buggy if you’re from the south).

Sound familiar? I was there. Years ago. I bought masks based on smell. The honey oat one from The Body Shop I can still smell. I bought them based on how cool they were to peel off. Remember the Saint Ives peel off masks in the 90’s. They were like peeling a snake skin off your face. Creepy yet cool. The one thing I did not buy the masks based on..what my skin needed. In fact, most of the time I didn’t even know what my skin needed. I claim ignorance. Ignorance of being in college and not caring.

The truth is it is extremely hard to pick a mask for you when there is NO ONE to answer any questions over and you just have to take your best guess as to what will work for you. Or, maybe, you don’t even know what a face mask is much less what it can do for your skin. <–The answer to that is it will do wonderful amazing things and you will kick yourself for not understanding how amazing face masks could be when the proper mask is paired with your lovely skin.

Watch the video below as I go over face masks and talk about the what, when and why you would use a face mask. Then when you’re done, go mask yourself!

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