Build-A-Bear Fail

Ah…Build-A-Bear..the words make most parents shudder. Granted it is fun to bring a stuffed furry creature to life, but any parent knows that once you step foot in that store that you are going to drop $50 easy. The reason is that not only do you let your Timmy or Susie pick out an animal to stuff but then they want to dress it. It’s clever really. The best part is the partnerships with the movies like Star Wars, Minions, Disney (No, I did not go right out and buy me a Kevin minion after they came out..why do you ask?). It’s really clever.

So when Build-A-Bear announced their buy a bear and pay your age plan for this past Thursday, it was every parents golden ticket. Timmy or Susie could stuff a bear and dress them and you could walk away with only spending a few shekels. Relatively speaking. What Build-A-Bear did not count on, or maybe they did, was the promotion going viral. I mean cray-cray viral.  The promotion was only intended for the bonus club members, but you know how that goes.  Parents lined up outside the stores in the heat for miles practically, fights broke out, kids whined (which is probably why the fights broke out, the nerves were already shot), and your feet hurt. I was not that crazy to go, but I did snag these pictures off of a friends facebook feed that show you what our mall looked like. By the way, our mall is one of the busiest in the US because we have no state sales tax so people come from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and even bus them down from Chinatown in New York (I’m not joking).

It probably wasn’t even half way through the day that Build-A-Bear canceled the promotion. Here’s the link to their post on facebook, when you get a moment, read some of the comments..they are the best part!

pay your age

But this failed attempt did lead to a bit of brilliance by other business owners. So, here’s my deal. For 24 hours ONLY, you get to pay your age for a custom spa package. Just fill out the form below to be able to take advantage of this! (U.S. only)  Make sure you tell me what kind of Spa products you love so I can make you up something special! I can’t wait to make you a custom spa package!!



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