Who wants a FREE mask??

After a few months of chaos in my life with Dad’s cancer and his passing away, I’m finally ready to sit down and get back to doing what I do best….getting back to life and focus and joy and inspiration and just being…me! (Shake it off..Shake it off..you’re welcome if that is now stuck in your head.)


So with that being said..who want’s a FREE mask? That’s kinda a dumb question because really, who doesn’t want a free mask. Especially when it’s our top of da line charcoal mask that you don’t want to not get free. I mean it’s free or it’s $20. Look it even made buzzfeed last year. That’s kinda a big deal. Right?

Look how fab it looks on me! If you don’t know about Charcoal and skincare, whoa buddy, are you behind. Let me catch you up. Charcoal in skincare works the same way it works in say, a fishtank. Bare with me here. A fish tank filter’s job is to filter out all the nasty and put back the clean water. In the filter is either small charcoal pellets or charcoal powder, depending on the filter. Charcoal is like an ant of the chemical world, it can absorb other chemicals into it such as grease, dirt, and overall yuckiness (so technical) in what ever its a part of like the water and the filter. Now take that and slap some on your face and what you have is an amazing thing that will pull all of the junk in your pores out. (No, this is not a peel mask..be careful on those. They can actually damage your skin. Have you seen those youtube videos??)

Our cackle spackle mask is FAB-U-LOUS because it has a base of clay as well (added pulling factor…the two of them can add hold 2000x it’s weight in impurities..I told you Ant of the chemical world..lol), some spearmint (ignore the article that says peppermint..they..umm..were wrong), eucalyptus, blackberry extract and a splash of volcanic ash among other naturally based ingredients. Th


is mask will detox your pores (less acne people!), exfoliate and tone your skin. The result is amazing! It’s why it makes lists like buzzfeed. In fact, your face will wonder why it didn’t get sexy-fied before this. The spearmint oil will even open your nose up  a bit when it’s clogged from allergies or a cold. It is considered an off mask, meaning it pulls stuff outof your skin, including a bit of water, so make sure you put an on mask (I can recommend a few..like, gold mask..it’s like botox in a bottle..legit..lol) or a good moisturizer. It’s only to be done 2-3 times a week max with a day in between. Trust me..you will love this mask!

Ok..to get your free* one, here’s what you do.
1) Go to my site here.
2) Make an account.
3) Find $25 min worth of good stuff to get (I recommend the gender bender charcoal soap and the hot and gold mask or one of the highlighters, or couple of hand creams or the brazilian bombshell body butter (like the beach….my fave and top seller!)
4) Type in the redeem code: PAMPER1
5) Complete by June 23rd.

It’s that simple. For $25 of quality goodies, you get a $20 mask. That’s math I can stand behind. What are you waiting for? Go do it!

Any questions? Just ask!



*must be located within the U.S., must never have been a consultant, must never have bought from any posh representative online or have a perks account



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