Where’s YOUR focus

Have you ever heard..What you focus on you get? It’s so true. You can really see this when you buy a car. Before you bought the car you have now, I bet you never noticed that make an model out there on the streets. But AFTER you bought it, you start thinking, maybe everybody and their dog has this car because you see it. Everywhere. Haunting you. This is not really because everybody has that car, but because your brain is now trained to seek out what you focus on. You focused on getting your car..now you see it ever where. The power of the mind is really a boggling thing.

So, if you have a goal, you need to focus on that goal. You want to lose 25 pounds. Write down the weight you want to be at on a stickie and put that EVERYWHERE. I mean EVERYWHERE….on you fridge, on your mirror, on your microwave, your computer, your car, your door as you leave…anywhere you will see it. Burn holes in the paper you stare at it so much. When you think about stress eating that box of hostess twinkies, think about those stickies..or better yet..put a sticky in your wallet so you see it when you open it…twinkies won’t get that back.

You want to move up in your job. Throw that on a stickie. EVERYWHERE. Any goal you want to meet, you need to focus, like a laser, on that goal. Have blinders. This is what makes the good athletes great. Their focus is razor sharp and unwavering.

Be careful of focusing on things that you don’t want. I have a B-A-D habit of doing that myself. If you want to earn more money, the last thing you want to do is focus on how much you DON’T have in your bank account. The more you focus on what you don’t have, the more that comes back to you. Instead, focus on abundance, on how much money is flowing to you and how you can buy the items you want. I swear, every time my husband and I say “We’ll have money to pay that, no worries”, money just magically shows up. One time it came as a refund for overpaying a doctor’s office, another time overpayment on taxes so they refunded us more, another time an unexpected check from a family member…and other things..a credit on our account that we didn’t expect, a big order for my business out of the blue. It’s crazy.

A good book to read for the money is You Are A BadAss At Making Money by Jen Sincero. I LOVE how she rights. No nonsense. Up in your face with humor and the cuss words. I appreciate that about her…lol. For your business..there is a literal crap ton of books out there. I recommend anything by Jon Gordon (his specialty is becoming more positive), John Maxwell and Ray Higdon.

Let me know if you have any strategies for keeping your focus sharp in the comments below!





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